World Milk Day-1st June

Milk is the white liquid that contains valuable nutrients that offers a wide range of benefits. It is produced by mammary glands of animals. Due to its importance, World Milk Day is celebrated on 1st June every year. 


World Milk Day is established by the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

to recognize Milk as a global food. However, it was first originated by the FAO in the year 2001

and later June 1 was chosen as the date due to the other countries who were celebrating it

during that time of the year. 

This day offers an opportunity to raise attention on milk by spreading awareness of dairy’s part in healthy diets, food production, and supporting livelihoods and communities. According to FAO, more than one billion people’s livelihoods are supported by the dairy sector and that dairy is consumed by more than six billion (approx) people globally. 


 - To provide information about the need and value of milk in a person’s life.

- Diverse activities are organized on this day to raise awareness about milk and its products.

- To celebrate the contribution of milk and dairy products in several industries, the economy,

and people's lives.

- To educate people about the nutrients and benefits that are present in milk like calcium,

protein, vitamin B2, potassium, iodine, etc.

- Several promotional activities about milk and its importance are launched by the International Dairy Federation online.

- Numerous promotional activities are done by the public.



The only motive behind the tradition of celebrating World Milk Day is to make everyone aware of the importance of Milk in an individual’s life. It is the first food that an infant consumes after birth and later throughout life. Furthermore, the dairy sector contributes to sustainability, economic development, nutrition, and livelihoods. 

Therefore, World Milk Day is an annual event celebrated by various countries that educate

people about the importance of consumption of milk. Milk has various nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the body. It makes bones stronger and gives us energy. It is also good for improving memory.

Talking about the current pandemic situation of the corona, social media campaigns and online events will be hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and our local government. The motive behind it is to spread positivity all around by breaking the records in terms of participation and promotion if the 20th anniversary of World Milk Day.

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