How to get the glow on your face DIY Face Brightening Face Pack

Ever desired to have healthy and glowing skin? Tried different natural healing remedies but couldn’t get the perfect one?

Just chill! That won’t be an issue anymore. Today here at Raggedy Thought, you will get an amazing remedy in the form of a completely natural face pack that will definitely help you to attain flawless skin.

How to prepare a face brightening pack?

To get started, you need:

 Gram flour

 Curd

 Turmeric powder

 Orange mixture (This is the Homemade Nourishing Face Serum for Vibrant and Glowing Skin that we mentioned in a previous post if you haven't seen it Check Here!!

Why these ingredients?

 Gram flour is known as a natural cleanser due to the vitamins and proteins present in it.

 Curd comprises protein, calcium, and good bacteria that nourishes skin texture.

 Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that fight acne and pigmentation.

 The orange mixture is rich in citric acid that exfoliates your skin.

Process involved-

In my previous blog, I prepared a face serum and at that time there was some orange mixture that was left out while making it. So, today here, we will be utilizing that orange liquid made up of orange and lemon peels, vitamin C tablets, Glycerin and aloe vera in our today’s recipe.

 Take an empty bowl and pour at least 4 tbsp of orange mixture in it.

 Add 2 tbsp of gram flour, 2 tbsp of curd and a pinch of turmeric.

 Mix them well and make sure its consistency is not too thick. If it is then you can add 1 more tbsp of orange mixture.

 Your face pack is ready; you can refrigerate it for 2 days not more than that.


 Apply it with a brush or using your fingers all over your face for 20 minutes.

 Wash off with cold water and pat dry.

 Finish off with your favorite moisturizer.

 Use it thrice a week for healthy glowing skin.


The goodness of all the ingredients present in this face pack will help you to get rid of

blemishes, dead skin, acne, and pigmentation making your skin tone brighter and healthier.

I hope you will find it beneficial till then stay connected stay tuned and read my blogs regularly at – A blog that keeps you updated.

Thank you!

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