Homemade Nourishing Face Serum for Vibrant and Glowing Skin, natural healing remedies.

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Dreamt of having flawless glowing skin? Looking for an economical solution to improve your

skin tone? Tired of using different natural healing remedies? I have an effective solution, and

inexpensive DIY Face serum that you can easily prepare at home.

To prepare this revitalizing face serum you need:

 Orange peel

 Lemon peel

 Glycerine

 Aloe Vera gel

 Vitamin C Tablets

Why these ingredients?

 Orange and lemon consist of citric acid that dries away acne and exfoliate the skin, revealing a

brighter skin tone.

 Vitamin C repairs damaged skin cells.

 Glycerine provides moisture.

 Aloe Vera gel hydrates skin.

How it is prepared?

 Start the process by peeling off the orange and lemon. Avoid the white portion of the orange while peeling it as it is neither harmful nor beneficial for our skin.

 Transfer the peels in a pan, add one glass of water and boil it for at least 5-8 minutes.

 Let it cool; transfer the peels into a grinder. Grind it properly.

 Separate the solid and liquid portion with the help of a sieve. Keep it in a bowl.

 Now, take 5 vitamin C tablets, crush them add it in the mixture that we have prepared. Mix it carefully.

 Take an empty bowl, glycerine, and aloe Vera gel.

 Add 1.5 tbsp of glycerine and 3 spoons of aloe Vera gel. Gently mix it and now start adding that orange mixture. Do not add the whole liquid at once, take 2-3 spoons at a time, and stir it properly.

 The consistency of the serum should not be thick.

 Your face serum is ready.

 Store it in any container, spray bottle, or any other bottle of your choice.


 Apply it on your face using a cotton ball and gently massage it in a circular motion. Let it get

absorbed in your skin completely.

 Keep it overnight and wash it in the morning with your face wash.

 Finish off with your favorite moisturizer.

Use it regularly; apply it every night before you sleep. After 10 days of its usage, you will notice

that your skin has started glowing.

I hope you will find the face serum effective!

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